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Fitech is a world-leading material and solution provider for microelectronics and semiconductor packaging and a National High-Tech Enterprise. Fitech is one of the leading units in the formulation of solder powder standards conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for the electronics industry. Solder paste, epoxy solder adhesive, alloy solder powder and other products provided by Fitech have been using in various fields of microelectronic packaging and semiconductor packaging such as LED packaging, flip chip packaging, FPC flexible module soldering, Micro LED soldering, Micro LED low temperature soldering, PCBA soldering, SIP integrated packaging, Bluetooth module packaging, camera module soldering, fingerprint module soldering, GPS module packaging, image sensing module packaging, memory card packaging, MEMS accelerometers, MEMS microphones, micromotors, micropumps, micro vibrators, MEMS pressure sensor, MEMS gyroscope, MEMS humidity sensor, IGBT, MOSFET package soldering, etc.

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