Integrated circuit packaging provides mechanical and electrical connections for IC chips. It also supplies physical protection. As a result, the integrated circuit chips have a stable and reliable operating condition. With the packaging development, manufacturers have adopted various advanced packaging technologies such as system-in-package (SiP) and system-on-chip (SoC), followed by a series of new challenges for packaging materials such as chip miniaturization, yield improvement, and cost reduction. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for integrated circuit packaging in various fields.

SiP Solution

The lead-free silver-free solder series developed by Fitech handles the electromigration of conventional SAC solder due to the existence of silver. According to the different requirements of customers, Fitech provides T6-T9 solder products with alloy components such as SnCuX, SN100C, etc. In addition, the products include ultra-fine solder powder, no-clean solder paste, water-soluble solder paste, epoxy solder paste, etc. The lead-free silver-free solder series has many advantages, such as excellent powder sphericity, narrow particle size distribution, lead-free silver-free alloys, no silver migration, bright solder joints, and outstanding wettability.
                                                                                              Silver Migration

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1. Lead-free silver-free formula is used to avoid silver migration;

2. T6 to T9 ultra-fine solder powders provide superior ultra-fine-pitch printing performance.;

3. The alloy solder joints are bright, and the reliability of the SN100C solder joint is comparable to that of SAC305;

4. FT-007 has excellent wettability and solderability;

5. FT-007 is an environmental-friendly halogen-free product. No-clean and water-soluble solders are available;

6. Solder coating is applied to achieve extraordinary anti-oxidation performance and outstanding solder stability.

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