Micro Electron Mechanical Systems (MEMS) refers to micro-devices and systems that consist of micro-sensors, actuators, signal processing, mechanical structures, and other devices. MEMS include optical perception, environmental perception, displacement perception, acoustic perception, communication networking, interactive recognition, etc. The products of MEMS include accelerometers, gyroscopes, micro microphones, RF MEMS, pressure sensors, micro flow meters, etc. MEMS is applicable in smartphones, computers and tablets, smart TVs, remote controls, gaming devices, robots, wearables (including smart watches, active noise-canceling headphones), smart homes, smart buildings, IoT, automotive, transportation, industry, healthcare, smart city, military, and other fields. Compared with integrated circuit packaging, MEMS has a wide variety of cavities and micro-mechanical structures, which introduces extra requirements on packaging materials. MEMS packaging includes Die Level Packaging, Device Level Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging, Single-Chip Packaging, and System in Package. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for MEMS packaging in various fields.


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FL170 is a low-temperature alloy solder powder with excellent sphericity, uniform particle size, low oxygen content, and high strength. It is combined with zero-halogen flux to produce FL-170 series low-temperature solder paste. Only a tiny amount of solvent volatilizes during the soldering process. There is no solder ball generation after soldering. The solder paste has outstanding residue minimization and wettability. The solder joints generated are solid, plump, and bright. FL-170 is ideal for low-temperature soldering, especially for low-temperature component mounting. 

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1. Excellent soldering strength with a peak reflow temperature of 170℃;

2. Antimony-free, lead-free and environmental-friendly;

3. Outstanding thixotropy and appropriate viscosity available for jet printing, pin transfer, dispensing, printing, etc.;

4. Superior printing performance and stencil life because of stable viscosity and tack time over 12 hours;

5. Extraordinary soldering performance and proper wettability in different parts;

6. Less residue production after drying, no solder ball formation, and reliable solder joints.

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