Laser solder paste used for laser soldering is suitable for camera modules, FPC flexible circuit boards, thermal devices, MEMS, and other scenarios that must be locally heated and soldered. Laser soldering is a local soldering process with rapid heating and cooling, which requires laser solder paste to prevent solder detonation, splashing, and solder ball formation. Besides, laser soldering should produce solder joints with excellent wettability during extreme soldering time.

Fitech's laser solder paste meets the requirements of rapid soldering. Meanwhile, it can eliminate solder detonation, solder splashing, and solder ball formation to ensure soldering reliability. Laser solder paste adopts ROSH-compliant halogen-free formulation.



FWS-305L water-soluble laser solder paste is formulated with SAC305 solder powder and excellent halogen-free water-soluble flux. FWS-305L has superior adhesion performance before soldering, which can meet the laser soldering process requirement. In addition, the product has many advantages like excellent soldering effect, no spatter, and outstanding water solubility, which makes it suitable for high-reliability micro-bump ultra-fine-pitch packaging.


Before Curing:

FWS-305L Properties

After Curing:

FWS-305L Properties

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Warming Method: The sealed solder paste should rewarm to room temperature naturally; Rewarm no more than twice.

Warming Time: Rewarm 2 to 3 hours at room temperature. The actual time required to reach thermal equilibrium varies by vessel size.

Note: Do not open the bottle cap without sufficient rewarming or shorten the rewarming time by using heating equipment.

Operating Environment: The best operating temperature and humidity are 20-25°C and 40-60%RH, respectively. Reflow soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere is recommended.

Cleaning Instruction: There is a small amount of residue around the pad after reflow, which should be cleaned with deionized water as soon as possible. The temperature of deionized water is between 25°C and 60°C .

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