Mini/Micro LED generally refers to LED display technology with a chip size within 200/50um and a pixel pitch less than 1.0mm. With the continuous maturity of LED production and packaging technology, mini/micro LED display technology is developing rapidly. Mini/Micro LED display technology can be used in TVs, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, wearables, etc. As the application of advanced packaging technologies such as flip-chip continues to evolve, the packaging density of mini/micro LED significantly increases, while the pixel pitch is getting smaller and smaller. The complex packaging process poses a new challenge to solder. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for the mini/micro LED micro-photoelectric display industry.


The Fitech Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive (FACA) is made of low-temperature ultra-fine SnBiAg solder powder with excellent sphericity, uniform particle size, and low oxygen content and active flux. The conductive filler has uniform particle size and outstanding product dispersibility. Bonding of insulated material after hot-pressing curing increases soldering strength and reliability. No solvent volatilization occurs during hot-pressing curing. The temperature of hot pressing is low. The solder powder melts and metallurgically connects with the pad. In addition, anisotropic conductive paste has the properties of longitudinal conductive and non-conductive in the transverse direction. It is used for soldering between two fine-pitch conductive connection points in the manufacture of electronic components to avoid short circuits and improve yield. In addition, FACA is widely used in touch screens, smart card, radio frequency identification (RFID), flip chips, FPC, and other products. It is suitable for the assembly and packaging of ultra-fine pitch microelectronic circuits and has contributed to the miniaturization of microelectronic packaging.

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1. FACA-138 is longitudinal conductive and non-conductive in the transverse direction;

2. Hot-pressing curing improves bonding strength and electrical conductivity;

3. It is reliable for high precision soldering and rapid curing of low-temperature soldering;

4. The conductive particles have excellent sphericity, uniform particle size, and outstanding product dispersibility;

5. It has extraordinary thixotropy, viscosity, and stability.

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