Integrated circuit packaging provides mechanical and electrical connections for IC chips. It also supplies physical protection. As a result, the integrated circuit chips have a stable and reliable operating condition. With the packaging development, manufacturers have adopted various advanced packaging technologies such as system-in-package (SiP) and system-on-chip (SoC), followed by a series of new challenges for packaging materials such as chip miniaturization, yield improvement, and cost reduction. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for integrated circuit packaging in various fields.

SiP Solution

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Fitech produces SAC305 solder powder with excellent sphericity, uniform particle size, and low oxygen content, and it is mixed with halogen-free flux to prepare FTP-305/FTD-305 series solder paste. The solder paste has a superior adhesion effect before soldering. Solvent volatilizes very slightly during soldering. Moreover, the solder paste has extraordinary wettability, anti-slump, and residue reduction properties. There is no solder ball formation during soldering. It is an ideal soldering material for micro-bump ultra-fine-pitch packaging.


1. FTP-305/FTD-305 has better thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity than that of silver conductive adhesive;

2. The ultra-fine solder powder has narrow size distribution. FTP-305/FTD-305 has stable solder paste printing and outstanding anti-slump performance, and it is suitable for ultra-fine-pitch packaging;

3. It has excellent chemical activity, solder ball elimination, and wettability;

4. The operation is simple. Equipment such as reflow ovens, electric hot plates, and stoves can be used;

5. It has excellent viscosity, outstanding stability, no delamination, and long stencil life.

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