Micro Electron Mechanical Systems (MEMS) refers to micro-devices and systems that consist of micro-sensors, actuators, signal processing, mechanical structures, and other devices. MEMS include optical perception, environmental perception, displacement perception, acoustic perception, communication networking, interactive recognition, etc. The products of MEMS include accelerometers, gyroscopes, micro microphones, RF MEMS, pressure sensors, micro flow meters, etc. MEMS is applicable in smartphones, computers and tablets, smart TVs, remote controls, gaming devices, robots, wearables (including smart watches, active noise-canceling headphones), smart homes, smart buildings, IoT, automotive, transportation, industry, healthcare, smart city, military, and other fields. Compared with integrated circuit packaging, MEMS has a wide variety of cavities and micro-mechanical structures, which introduces extra requirements on packaging materials. MEMS packaging includes Die Level Packaging, Device Level Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging, Single-Chip Packaging, and System in Package. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for MEMS packaging in various fields.


The alloy composition of eutectic gold-tin solder paste for MEMS packaging consists of 80%wt of gold and 20%wt of tin (Au80Sn20). Under the impact of the excellent characteristics of the FH-280 product and Fitech’s advanced powder manufacturing technology, Fitech’s gold-tin solder paste has many advantages such as high tensile strength, excellent corrosion resistance, superior thermal creeping performance, and premium compatibility with other precious metals. It also has extraordinary electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. The MEMS packaging gold-tin solder paste (T3-T6) has a melting point of 280℃, supporting the printing and dispensing process.

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FH-280 series is eutectic gold-tin solder paste with a melting point of 280℃. It is suitable for high-reliability packaging of semiconductors and microelectronic devices and high thermal-conductive packaging of high-power devices. The melting point of gold-tin solder paste is high. Therefore, FH-280 can be used to avoid melting and failure of solder joints in secondary reflow. It has been used in military, aerospace, medical, and other fields. FH-280 gold-tin solder paste has excellent thixotropy, suitable viscosity, outstanding wettability, and brilliant soldering performance. In addition, it has a high melting point, high tensile strength, excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance, extraordinary thermal conductivity, and superior electrical conductivity. It complies with RoHS standards. It exhibits stable performance under high-temperature operation.


1. FH-280 is a type of solder paste with a high melting point and high tensile strength.

2. It has superior anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion performance, and it is compatible with other precious metals; 

3. It has outstanding thixotropy, suitable viscosity, excellent wettability, high tensile strength and extraordinary soldering performance; 

4. It has excellent thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity;

5. It is the priority choice in reflow soldering because of its high melting point;

6. It complies with RoHS standards.

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