The Mechanism of Flux

Fine-pitch flux assists in the manufacturing, assembly, and packaging of microelectronics and semiconductors. It is suitable for high precision and reliability packaging of wafer bumping soldering, chip evaporation soldering, BGA, SiP, CSP, Micro LED packaging, module integrated circuits, etc. Fitech's zero-halogen epoxy flux has self-assembly and self-correction functions. Epoxy curing after soldering provides excellent insulation, corrosion resistance, and reliability performance, and it is compatible with underfill and bonding. It can be used in the printing or dispensing process.

Water-soluble flux is a kind of flux widely used in the electronic soldering process, it can improve the wetting performance of the solder, prevent oxidation, and after soldering with water to clean the residue.

The biggest feature of water-soluble flux is that the flux component is highly soluble and active in water, with good fluxing performance, and the post-soldering residue is easily soluble in water, so water can be directly used as the cleaning solvent. No consumption of ODS and VOC, reducing environmental pollution and safety risks.


FWF-5200 is a zero-halogen water soluble solder flux, no spatter, good soldering activity, long operating time, good adhesion, good washability, Zero-halogen, suitable for high-precision, high-reliability microelectronics packaging.


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