Micro Electron Mechanical Systems (MEMS) refers to micro-devices and systems that consist of micro-sensors, actuators, signal processing, mechanical structures, and other devices. MEMS include optical perception, environmental perception, displacement perception, acoustic perception, communication networking, interactive recognition, etc. The products of MEMS include accelerometers, gyroscopes, micro microphones, RF MEMS, pressure sensors, micro flow meters, etc. MEMS is applicable in smartphones, computers and tablets, smart TVs, remote controls, gaming devices, robots, wearables (including smart watches, active noise-canceling headphones), smart homes, smart buildings, IoT, automotive, transportation, industry, healthcare, smart city, military, and other fields. Compared with integrated circuit packaging, MEMS has a wide variety of cavities and micro-mechanical structures, which introduces extra requirements on packaging materials. MEMS packaging includes Die Level Packaging, Device Level Packaging, Wafer Level Packaging, Single-Chip Packaging, and System in Package. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for MEMS packaging in various fields.


Laser solder paste used for laser soldering is suitable for camera modules, FPC flexible circuit boards, thermal devices, MEMS, and other scenarios that must be locally heated and soldered. Laser soldering is a local soldering process with rapid heating and cooling, which requires laser solder paste to avoid solder detonation, splashing, and solder ball generation. Solder joints should have excellent wettability during extreme soldering time. The laser solder paste products developed by Fitech meet the requirements of rapid soldering. Meanwhile, it can eliminate solder detonation, solder splashing, and solder ball formation to ensure soldering reliability. Laser solder paste adopts ROSH-compliant halogen-free formulation.

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FWS-305L series solder paste is formulated with SAC305 solder powder and excellent halogen-free water-soluble flux. FWS-305L has outstanding adhesion performance before soldering. It applies to the laser soldering process and has many advantages, such as superior soldering effect, no spatters, and excellent water solubility. FWS-305L is ideal for high-reliability micro-bump ultra-fine-pitch packaging.


1. FWS-305L is suitable for rapid laser soldering and can eliminate spatter during soldering;

2. It has outstanding thixotropy and appropriate viscosity and can be used for jet printing, pin transfer, dispensing, printing, etc.;

3. It has excellent chemical activity and wettability;

4. It has outstanding water solubility;

5. It complies with RoHS and halogen-free environmental protection specifications.

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