Mini/Micro LED generally refers to LED display technology with a chip size within 200/50um and a pixel pitch less than 1.0mm. With the continuous maturity of LED production and packaging technology, mini/micro LED display technology is developing rapidly. Mini/Micro LED display technology can be used in TVs, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, wearables, etc. As the application of advanced packaging technologies such as flip-chip continues to evolve, the packaging density of mini/micro LED significantly increases, while the pixel pitch is getting smaller and smaller. The complex packaging process poses a new challenge to solder. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for the mini/micro LED micro-photoelectric display industry.


With the development of flip-chip, an increasing number of LED chips need to be assembled on panels. Mass transfer is still one of the crucial technologies in the fine-pitch mLED display industry that needs to be overcome. Size and time are the main considerations in selecting lead-free solder paste for flip-chip LED.

Firstly, smaller chips and pads require further reduction in solder paste characteristic sizes.
Secondly, lead-free solder paste needs to stay in an indoor environment for a longer time before reflow, and the "pause-response" behavior is different from the traditional SMT process.

Fitech's lead-free solder paste for ultra-fine-pitch die bond is effective to maintain its excellent performance under long residence time and "pause-response" process. Fitech simulates the die bond process in the development stage of solder paste. The design and production of solder products strictly follow the most stringent standards.

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