Mini/Micro LED generally refers to LED display technology with a chip size within 200/50um and a pixel pitch less than 1.0mm. With the continuous maturity of LED production and packaging technology, mini/micro LED display technology is developing rapidly. Mini/Micro LED display technology can be used in TVs, PCs, tablets, mobile phones, wearables, etc. As the application of advanced packaging technologies such as flip-chip continues to evolve, the packaging density of mini/micro LED significantly increases, while the pixel pitch is getting smaller and smaller. The complex packaging process poses a new challenge to solder. Fitech provides reliable solder and solution support for the mini/micro LED micro-photoelectric display industry.


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FEF-180/240 is a type of no-clean zero-halogen epoxy soldering paste that does not contain rosin. It does not splash during soldering. The solder residue becomes thermoset adhesive and is attached around the solder joints to improve soldering strength, corrosion resistance, and insulation. FEF-180/240 has the functions of self-assembly and self-correction, which is an ideal solder for high-precision and high-reliability microelectronic packaging.


1. FET-180/240 can achieve metallurgical connection and have better thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity than that of silver conductive paste;

2. It does not require washing after soldering, and the residue is thermosetting into adhesive to promote electrical insulation and solder joint reliability;

3. It has excellent chemical activity and solder ball elimination performance;

4. Thermoset adhesive is attached around the solder joints to enhance reliability;

5. The operation is simple. Reflow ovens, electric hot plates, and stoves can be used;

6. It has excellent thixotropy, suitable viscosity, outstanding stability, long operating life, and no delamination.

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