Fitech Ultra-Fine Solder Paste: Performance Material Innovation for New Mini/Micro LED Display


Fitech Ultra-Fine Solder Paste: Performance Material Innovation for New Mini/Micro LED Display
-UDE2023 4th International Semiconductor Display Expo


In the afternoon of July 19th, UDE2023 4th International Semiconductor Display Expo came to a successful end in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Centre, Shenzhen Fitech exchanged and shared with the audience the development prospect and application of Ultra-Fine Solder Paste in the semiconductor encapsulation of Mini LED display chips.


Fitech mLED 1370/1375/1550/1555, a Mini LED package solder paste from Shenzhen Fitech, won the DISP Performance Materials Innovation Award at the expo.


Fitech mLED1370/1375/1550/1555 printing/solidifying solder paste adopts Fitech patented liquid-phase moulding spherical alloy powder preparation technology, which provides a No.8 powder (2~8μm) ultra-fine lead-free solder paste solution for Mini/Micro LED packages. Compared with No.7 (2~11μm) solder paste, Fitech mLED 1370/1375/1550/1555 printing/solidifying solder paste has smaller aperture area and higher reliability.


It adopts 139°C/219°C melting point alloy, 100% true round, particle size concentration >94%, Coating technology on the solder powder surface, smooth surface and moderate oxygen content, long online time and stable performance. Suitable for MiniLED TV wall, MiniLED (backlight) TV, MiniLED (backlight) PC, MiniLED (backlight) flat panel and other chip micro-pitch welding.

The exhibition also brings you solder paste products for different packaging scenarios

FT-170/180/200 Low Temperature High Strength Solder

The micro-nano enhanced low-temperature, high-strength composite solder FT-170/180/200 that meets the secondary reflow, which takes into account the low temperature and mechanical reliability, has a selectable melting point of 170/180/200°C, and has less brittle solder joints unlike traditional tin-bismuth-silver alloys (Sn42Bi57.6Ag0.4) and tin-bismuth alloys (Sn42Bi58). The product uses micro and nano metal particles to change the metal behaviour during the formation of the soldered alloy to improve the soldering effect and can be used for secondary reflow. It has been patented in the United States and Japan.

Gold Tin Paste FTD-280

The gold-tin alloy in FTD-280 series eutectic gold-tin solder paste is generated by 80%wt Au and 20%wt Sn eutectic (Au80Sn20). With a melting point of 280°C and particle sizes ranging from T3-T6, it supports both printing and dispensing processes. It has a series of advantages such as high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, excellent thermal creep properties, compatibility with other precious metals, excellent electrical conductivity, excellent thermal conductivity and so on.

High Temperature Solder Paste FTD-901 and FTD-260

Melting point temperature 245~260℃, suitable for power semiconductor packaging and microelectronics packaging multiple reflow soldering. It is a high quality solder paste formulated with high melting point alloy solder powder with good sphericity, uniform particle size and low oxygen content and excellent halogen free flux, which meets RoHS environmental protection standards. The particle size of this product covers T4-T8, which can realise printing and dispensing process respectively.


Shenzhen Fitech Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specialising in the research, development, production and sales of ultra-fine solder paste and epoxy solder products, with advanced "ultra-micro spherical solder powder liquid phase forming technology" to produce T6-T10 full-size high-quality ultra-micro solder powder. With more than 20 years of experience in micro soldering, we have served customers all over the world, providing reliable micro soldering materials for microelectronics and semiconductor packaging.

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