Ultra-Fine Solder Paste Debut_Mini/Micro LED New Display Application Conference opened in Bao‘an District, Shenzhen


The New Display Application Conference was successfully held

On December 1st, the annual Mini /Micro LED New Display Application Conference held by Expert opened in Bao'an District, Shenzhen.


The main content of the meeting was the technology, market, application, and mass production of new display backlights.

Fitech attended the meeting.

Mini LED partitioned backlight

The biggest advantage of mini-LEDs is partitioned backlighting, which is booming in 2021. Why should there be a partition backlight, and becomes more and more subdivided? Huawei’s TVs and Apple’s computers contain more than 2,000 backlights. The era of HDR content has arrived. When producing HDR content, different areas use different dynamic light intensity ranges to enhance the depth of field of the entire picture. This also requires the display device to be able to dynamically adjust the intensity of the light field in different display areas. The traditional LCD backlight is a lighting system with uniform brightness. However, the light valve effect of the liquid crystal layer cannot be absolutely closed, which makes LCD TVs inherently insufficient in contrast and depth of field. The common response is to increase the brightness level of the display. Therefore, compared to CRT, rear projection TV, PDP plasma, SED, laser TV, OLED TV, LCD TV is the brightest technology of choice for products. In the HDR era, this technical feature of LCD faces huge challenges in restoring high dynamic content displayed in different regions. The only reliable way is that the backlight is not uniformly bright, but can be locally brighter or darker, which is called partition backlighting. To achieve a number of backlight partitions, such as 2,000, the LCD should have thousands or tens of thousands of backlight lamp bead products. Mini-LED lamp beads can sufficiently meet the demand.

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Fitech’s Ultra-fine solder paste, epoxy solder paste, and flux solutions


Five representatives of technology, sales, and marketing from Fitech attended the meeting.


Fitech's packaging materials for mini LED backlight (BLU) display mainly include ultra-fine solder paste, ultra-fine solder adhesive (epoxy solder paste), and fine-pitch solder paste.


Ultra-fine solder paste: Fitech is a global leader in the R&D and production of ultra-fine solders. Currently, Fitech can produce ultra-fine solder powder with a particle size as small as T10 (1-3um). The ultra-fine solder paste is suitable for mini/micro LED soldering. The lead-free ultra-fine solder pastes cover the melting point from 139 to 280℃, which is suitable for different scenarios.


Ultra-fine solder paste: The ultra-fine solder adhesive (epoxy solder paste) products developed and produced by Fitech not only have the same particle size and small size as the regular ultra-fine solder paste but also have a simple production process, a certain self-correction function, which make it able to produce reliable solder joints.


Fine-pitch solder flux: For the fine-pitch evaporation solder process, Fitech has fine-pitch solder flux products to match it.

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