Shenzhen Fitech was invited to participate in 2024 Global CMOS Sensor Application Technology Summit



On April 17, 2024, Fitech was invited to participate in the Global CMOS Sensor Application Technology Summit. Thank you for your presence during this time!

1. Summit event scene


The Global CMOS Sensor Application Technology Summit was held in Huashi Grand Ballroom on the 3rd floor of Shenzhen Grand China Hilton Hotel, and Fitech brought the special tin glue and solder paste for camera modules to this exhibition.

 2. Fitech camera module special epoxy solder paste


At the exhibition, our company displayed FSA-305 (SAC305), FSA-901 (Sn90Sn10) and other solder adhesive (epoxy solder paste) products, and exchanged and shared with the audience on the spot the application of ultra-micro solder adhesive in the CMOS camera module package and the development prospects. Epoxy solder adhesive is an ultra-micro solder paste with epoxy resin as carrier, which can be used in dispensing, dipping and other processes, providing No. 6 (5-15um), No. 7 (2-11um), No. 8 (2-8um), No. 9 (1-5um)) powder. It has excellent electrical insulation and protection properties, and shows good drop resistance and temperature cycling stability in practical applications, and is suitable for CMOS camera modules and other precision components welding.

3. On-site customer communication


About Us

Fitech in 1997, Shenzhen Fitech Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor packaging solder solution provider specializing in the research, development, production and sales of ultra-fine lead-free solder paste and adhesive. The company's solder paste, solder adhensive and alloy solder powder products are widely used in microelectronics and semiconductor packaging in various fields.


We are full of confidence in the future, and firmly believe that our professional team, innovative technology and R & D products can continue to meet the different needs of customers, the company to “the pursuit of excellence, unity and progress” for the purpose of adhering to the “integrity of the service, the customer first” principle, and dedicated to providing users with first-class solder paste products and services.

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