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Geographical distribution and application of composition studies of solder alloys

Solder is an important material for electronic connections and is widely used in various electronic products. With the development of technology and social progress, people's requirements for solder are getting higher and higher, and the market demand for solder is also increasing. The composition of the solder alloy is one of the key factors affecting the quality of the solder.

The current research on the alloy composition of lead-free solder is divided into two main camps - the European and American system and the Japanese system.

European and American
Research institutes in the USA have focused on the development of high silver content formulations, of which SAC387 (3.8% 0.7%) and SAC405 (4%, 0.5%) are the main ones. However, the high silver solder joints suffered from shrinkage and wrinkling and were therefore phased out in 2003-2004. There are two fundamental reasons for this: one is the high cost of the solder and the other is the poor soldering results. The current 4% or so silver solder is rarely used in the PCBA industry, and only some American brands occasionally require it. The reason for this is that when the product was first developed, high silver solder certification was chosen, and the later was not willing to re-certify; besides, the thermal and electrical properties of high silver alloy are better, so there is this "occasional use" of the status quo.

SAC305 is the mainstream formulation for lead-free processes (solder paste, BGA balls, high-end wire, high-end bars), while SAC105 and SAC0307 are cost-optimised solder formulations that are used as alloys for wire, bars and some solder pastes. snCu0.7 silver-free Solder is a widely used alloy formulation for lead-free solder bars. Japanese companies have contributed to the continued optimisation of low-silver and silver-free solders.

Fitech silver-free, low-silver solder
FT-017 series solder from Shenzhen Fitech Co., Ltd. is a lead-free SnCuX multi-alloy solder that eliminates Ag migration and improves reliability. FT-125 series solder is a low-silver multi-alloy solder that ensures excellent wettability and solderability while improving electrical reliability and balancing the overall performance of the solder. Shenzhen Fitech Co., Ltd. silver-free and low-silver solder provides the market with reliable low-silver soldering solutions to meet customers' low-silver soldering needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.


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