How to Choose a Suitable Solder Paste? How to Choose a Solder Paste Manufacturer?


The chip semiconductor industry has developed vigorously in recent years, and the supporting industries related to microelectronics and semiconductor packaging have achieved unprecedented development. Various companies have sprung up, including the packaging solder industry of solder paste as well. Semiconductor packaging companies hope to find suitable and reliable solder paste products to meet their needs and ensure the performance and reliability of the products. What aspects should companies consider when choosing solder paste products and manufacturers?

How to Choose a Suitable Solder Paste? How to Choose a Solder Paste Manufacturer?

1. How to choose a suitable solder paste?

1. Determining the needs

Companies should determine what requirements the solder paste needs to meet according to the characteristics of their products (such as type, size, service temperature, manufacturing process, application scenario, etc.), such as solder paste melting point, reflow temperature, time, printing or dispensing process, cleanability, electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, push-pull force, thermal cycle, etc. Determining the requirements is the basis for choosing a suitable solder paste product. If you don't know how to choose a solder paste, you can contact your solder paste supplier to help determine critical conditions.

2. Communication

When the company roughly determines the requirements for solder paste products according to the characteristics of its products, it can contact the solder paste manufacturer or supplier. Choose the most suitable one among the solder paste products that can meet your requirements. It should be noted here that choosing a product is not simply choosing a brand. Several traditional and old-fashioned technologies abroad are not behind, but in some sub-fields, some domestic solder paste and solder companies have already taken the lead. For example, the ultra-fine solder paste and ultra-fine epoxy solder paste (T7 powder, T8 powder, T9 powder, T10 powder) of Shenzhen Fitech are leading the market in product quality and technology. Therefore, solder paste products suitable for its technology are the key.

3. Judgment

Before starting the production test, companies should judge whether the products provided by the supplier can meet their requirements based on the supplier's information, allowing companies to avoid wasting unnecessary time and energy.

2. How to choose a solder paste manufacturer?

1. Core technologies

Possessing core technologies is the guarantee that soldering material companies can provide customers with high-quality solder paste products. If some solder paste manufacturers have huge sales but do not have their core technologies, they cannot provide customers with sustainable and scalable high-quality products and solutions.

2. Products

Products are the core of inter-enterprise transactions. Companies with advanced production and quality systems can provide customers with solder paste products with stable performance and reliable quality.

3. R&D strength

R&D strength is the driving force for the company's continuous innovation and development, which can fulfill the customer needs of product upgrading, common growth, and long-term cooperation.

4. After-sales service

After-sales service is an important part of inter-enterprise transactions. The perfect after-sales service system can ensure the smooth operation of customer production and timely resolution of problems.

5. Reputation

Reputation is the evaluation of the long-term operation and accumulation of companies.

The mentioned thoughts are the analysis of how to choose a suitable solder paste and the explanation of what aspects need to be considered when choosing a solder paste manufacturer. People who want to know more about the selection of solder paste can follow Shenzhen Fitech, which is a professional ultra-fine solder supplier and national high-tech enterprise.

How to Choose a Suitable Solder Paste? How to Choose a Solder Paste Manufacturer?

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