Packaging Solder Paste: Global Lighting COB Packaging Vendor Revenue Ranking in 2021


Packaging Solder Paste: Global Lighting COB Packaging Vendor Revenue Ranking in 2021

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In 2021, while COVID-19 remains, global economic activity has largely recovered compared to 2020. The epidemic control in Asia was relatively successful. Various commercial activities have resumed in the second half of 2020. Besides, various sports events and commercial activities have restarted one after another. In conclusion, the impact of COVID-19 on the economy is waning. The LED lighting industry significantly recovered from the sluggish. According to TrendForce, the global LED lighting market will reach US$64.6 billion and a year-on-year increase of 9.2% in 2021.


Although SMD is the mainstream, product homogeneity issue is serious.

The growing demand for lighting products has contributed to the expansion of the lighting LED packaging market. At present, LED lighting packaging products on the market include SMD and COB products. Lamp LED has basically withdrawn from the lighting market. SMD LED packaging technology has a low threshold and a large market demand. According to TrendForce, more than 95% of the lighting LED equipment on the market are SMD LED products. Recently, SMD LED product specifications focused on 2835.3030. The product homogeneity became serious, and the market competition intensified.


COB has excellent performance and is positioned in the high-end commerical market.

Another packaging technology is COB (Chip on Board). COB is an onboard chip packaging technology. The chips are adhered to the connection substrate by conductive or non-conductive adhesive, followed by electrical connection by wire bonds. It can not only simplify the manufacturing process and reduce the bracket cost but also has the advantage of reducing thermal resistance. Compared with SMD LED, COB has the following advantages:


1. High packaging and economic efficiency.

The COB packaging process is similar to the SMD production process, but COB packaging is much more efficient in dispensing, separation, light separation, and packaging. Compared with discrete LED devices, COB light source modules can save the primary LED packaging cost, the production cost of light engine modules, and the secondary light distribution cost.

2. Low thermal resistance.

The thermal resistance structure of the SMD packaging system is chip, die bond adhesive, solder joint, solder paste, copper foil, insulation layer, and aluminum. The thermal resistance of the COB packaging system includes chip, die bond adhesive, and aluminum. The system thermal resistance of the COB package is much lower than that of the traditional SMD package. Hence, the LED lamps of the COB package have a longer service life.


3. Excellent Light quality.

SMD packaging sticks multiple individual devices on a PCB board in the form of SMD to form light source components for LED applications. This approach has some issues with light, glare, and shadows. COB package is an integrated package, which is a surface light source with a large viewing angle and simple adjustment. It can reduce the loss of light refraction.


4. Application advantages.

The application of a COB light source is convenient. The COB light source can be directly applied to lamps. The traditional SMD package light source needs to be patched first and then fixed on the PCB board by reflow soldering. It is not as convenient as COB.


COB equipment emits a surface light source, which makes it easier to achieve the consistency of light color and achieve high-quality spot effects. Therefore, COB equipment has been used in high-end commercial lighting markets such as high-end hotels, high-end retail stores, and museums.


COB technology contributes to the development of the smart lighting market.


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The raid development of COB LED lighting.

In recent years, the smart lighting market has been under rapid development. Well-known manufacturers such as Signify, Opple, and NVC Lighting have continuously launched smart lighting products. COB technology is also widely used in the smart lighting market. For example, the two-color temperature dimming COB light source can solve many technical and structural design problems faced by intelligent lighting sources. It is a better choice for intelligent lighting fixtures. In addition, due to its integrated packaging structure, it can achieve the integration of small area, high brightness, and two-color temperature, and COB can maintain a constant light angle. Therefore, it is more convenient for secondary optical design to make a uniform spot.


Health and education lighting currently received more and more attention. The concept of healthy lighting has gradually penetrated the market. For example, LED desk lamps require much higher light source quality than other lamps because of close viewing requirements. COB light source is more suitable for LED table lamp products. Table lamps using COB light source technology have the advantages of no stroboscopic, no electromagnetic radiation, low energy consumption, and high illuminance. The high color rendering index is a new generation of light source closest to natural light, which has a significant effect on protecting eyes from myopia.


International manufacturers are leading, but Chinese companies rise quickly

Due to the high threshold of COB packaging technology and is applied in the high-end market, the price has low sensitivity. Therefore, International manufacturers, especially in developed markets such as Europe and the United States, are dominating COB technology. However, with the advancement of technology, the product competitiveness of China’s manufacturers is rapidly improving with a clear upward trend. In addition, with the popularity of COB technology, COB products are not only in the commercial lighting market but also entering the home lighting market. More and more families begin to use lighting products such as downlights and spotlights, which are the main applications of COB products. It is expected that the growth of COB product consumption will boost the demand for COB packaging.

Packaging Solder Paste: Global Lighting COB Packaging Vendor Revenue Ranking in 2021

From a global perspective, Citizen still led the way in lighting COB packaging in 2021. Regardless of technology or revenue scale, Citizen has been a leader in lighting COB packaging for many years. Although the low-end COB market share declined in 2021, Citizen Lighting's COB market share was still in an undoubtedly leading position in the high-end COB market, especially in Europe and the United States.

CRE continues to rank No. 2 in the world. CRELED is the only manufacturer in the world based on SIC for LED epitaxy. Although SIC basic chips have recently gradually withdrawn from the market, CREE is still positioning the high-end market in the lighting field. Therefore, CREE aims to release high-power and COB products mostly for street lamps. COB products are mainly used in commercial lighting and distribution channel markets.

Lumileds is one of the major LED packaging manufacturers in the world. Lumileds is undoubtedly leading in the mobile LED flash market and has a significant position in the lighting market. It is the core supplier of Signify. Although the COB income is not high, it still ranks third all around the world.


Other top 10 lighting COB packaging manufacturers include Silicon Power, Puri, TD LED, TYF LED, Samsung LED, HongLiZhiHui, and Luminus. The COB business of Silicon Power has recently developed rapidly, entering the international supply chain. The production capacity has been released rapidly, and the output has grown rapidly.  Moreover, Puri has also developed rapidly in the COB market. With crystal development, the COB packaging product line enrich, covering more customers at different levels, improving COB revenue. There are also a number of outstanding manufacturers in the field of lighting COB packaging, such as Shengpu and Oalante.

Source: LEDinside, retrieved by Fitech


Packaging Solder Paste: Global Lighting COB Packaging Vendor Revenue Ranking in 2021

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