Solder Paste for 5G Packaging: 5G Development Analysis


Solder Paste for 5G Packaging: 5G Development Analysis

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During MWC22 in Barcelona, more than 20 industry partners, including Huawei, China Mobile, SKT, and Du, jointly released the "5G-Advanced Network Technology Evolution White Paper 2.0", which analyzed the progress and trends of the 5G industry. It focused on 5G-Advanced key technologies, providing guidance for the next stage of 5G evolution to increase the 5G socio-economic value.


Duan Xiaodong, Vice President of China Mobile Research Institute, Liu Kang, President of Huawei Cloud Core Network Product Line, GSMA Think Tank, and Monica Zethzon, Vice President and Head of Packet Core Network Solutions at Ericsson, attended the press conference and delivered keynote speeches.


5G has always been considered the cornerstone of the industry's digital intelligence transformation. As an important intermediate node between 5G and 6G, 5G-Advanced needs to progressively integrate DOICT and other technologies from the architectural and technical levels to meet diversified business needs and improve network capabilities, enabling 5G to serve human life.


At the architectural level, cloud origins should be considered for the evolution of 5G-Advanced networks. The edge network is a service concept. It is necessary to continuously improve network capabilities, therefore achieving network integration. The core network is the center of the entire network topology combining various network services, which plays an important role in network evolution.


At the technical level, industry digital intelligence causes a more complex business environment than consumer networks. 5G-Advanced needs to fully consider the deterministic experience guarantee of industry services and accelerate the integration and development of key technologies such as XR and multimedia services, edge computing, network intelligence, and passive Internet of Things. The evolution will continue to enhance intelligence, integration, and enrichment.


Intelligence stands for network intelligence, including making full use of key technologies such as machine learning, digital twins, cognitive networks, and intent networks to improve network intelligent operation capabilities and build endogenous intelligent networks. Integration can be divided into industry network integration, home network integration, world-earth integration, network integration, etc. Realizing the integration and development of 5G and industry networks, 5G interactive communication, deterministic communication capabilities, network slicing, positioning, and so on can better fulfill the intellgent transformation of the industry.


In the future, Huawei will cooperate with China Mobile and other industry partners and focus on key business scenarios to make breakthroughs in innovation and guide the innovation. Moreover, Huawei dedicates to the orderly advancement of 5G standards and promotes the gradual transition of 5G-Advanced work from requirements and scenario definitions to business design to accelerate the output of achievements, which is beneficial for the intelligent transformation of industries.

Source: Wechat: 华为云核心网, retrieved by Shenzhen Fitech


Solder Paste for 5G Packaging: 5G Development Analysis

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